Mineral Perfections Pure Natural Mineral Makeup and Airbrush Makeup


Item# concealers

  • Mineral Perfections concealers offer full coverage for problem areas.
  • Enrich your skin with essential nutrients and hide skin conditions like rosacia, psoriasis, birthmarks, skin discoloration, scars and acne.
  • 4 gm.

  • For those problem areas that need extra coverage.

    Yellow or Catnap Concealer will counter blue such as dark circles under eyes, bruising from skin procedures such as Botox injections

    On the Spot Concealer will brighten sallow skin, conceal age spots, acne blemishes, and yellow bruises, and works well as a concealer on blemishes for women of color

    Red be Gone Concealer will counter redness from blemishes, scars, Rosacea, spider veins, or if you have a red nose caused by allergies.

    Did you know our Fair, Fair-Medium, and Medium Concealers can be used as a foundation if you need added coverage?

    Because our samples are so generous and are not intended to be used as full size products, please limit to one of each color you desire. We reserve the right to cancel sample orders and refund that payment for orders that exceed that amount.

    Order online, by email to shelly@mineralperfections.com, or by phone 785.341.1136!