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Mineral Perfections mineral foundations (while under the DASH Minerals name) have been “recommended” by Louisa Graves, Hollywood Beauty Secrets. Louisa is a well known beauty expert, model, and has been featured on numerous shows such as:

•The View •The Talk •The Doctors •Extra •Discovery Channel •The Style Network •Star Daily, •and on Los Angeles' KTLA Morning and KCAL News

She is also a well known author and has been featured in: Women’s World Magazine column “Ask America’ Ultimate Expert” and has written articles for AOL/Huffington Post’s AOLjobs.com, sheknows.com.

Her expert beauty tips have also been featured on:

•SheKnows.com •WomansDay.com •RadarOnline.com •and she has been on the cover of Woman’s World!

Please visit www.hollywoodbeautysecrets.com for truly wonderful skin care and beauty products, LED red light units, beauty and fitness advice, and beauty alternatives.

(Published with permission of Louisa Graves.)

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"This was another perfect transaction. I love this airbrush makeup, in my experience in using some of the "high-end" airbrush makeup, they don't even come close to the quality of Mineral Perfections brand. This makeup is perfect! And customer service is the best I've ever seen. They actually care and give personal service, they'll even custom blend for you!! I'd totally recommend this company to anyone, quality, price, shipping and the service is the best I've found. Don't bother with some of the "Name Brands" you see advertised everywhere . . those are all hype. Mineral Perfections is the real deal!!" Malinda B, Oklahoma

"Just got my mineral makeup samples in the mail today! I just want to say how amazing your makeup is! like 500 times better than bare minerals! Thank you so much! I will be posting a video review for your product in which i will say very nice things. Thank you again!" Lorin, New Jersey

"I am so happy to be able to get back to you with a gooooood report! I got my samples some time ago and loved them. love your brand and what it does. You have won over all the other mineral makeup brands I have tried... Looking forward to ordering more from you soon!" - Gember (Jennifer), St. Simons Island GA

"I received my sample kit on Saturday and I loved the eyeshadow colors I received. I'm very excited to order my full size products, I'm still browsing for my perfect foundation color. I'm very excited, I just started using mineral makeup a few months ago and I use Everyday Minerals but I found your site and I'm very happy with what I received from your sample kit. Bare Essentials made my face itch when it got warm out so I'm very excited for your bismuth free makeup. I just got my order and I love u guys already." Stephanie, Palm Coast, Florida

"Thank You....I Love your product....far better than bare essentials and more affordable to use!!" Ava, Kansas

"My name is Crystal and I have to tell that I just tried Mineral Perfections. It is wonderful! I couldn’t say enough about it! I was very skeptical at first thinking how is this going to spread evenly all over my face, it’s a powder I am going to have to use a lot and then it is going to get expensive…Well, I was shocked! I needed very little and it covered so beautifully, I actually love the way my skin looked and the fact that it was not noticeable or cakey feeling! Thank you for this product, it is wonderful!" Crystal, Illinois

"Being a dark skinned woman of color I was on a constant search for a mineral makeup that would match my skin tone, didn't look ashy or that someone could tell upon seeing me that I had makeup on, while surfing the net I came upon this site and requested some samples got it and i fell in love with the coverage and texture of this line of mineral makeup. Even though the foundation colors weren't the perfect match, I still liked it. To make a long story short they made a shade that works for me and I LOVE LOVE it, this mineral makeup is not cakey, not dry or matte its somewhere in between and that works perfectly for my combination/dry skin. Women of color give this line a try it's really worth it and customer service is great. Thanks" Antoinette, Bronx, NY

"Thank you so much for doing Mary's class I really enjoyed myself and the makeup felt so amazing. I took a nap later that afternoon and when I woke up my makeup was exactly as it had been when I fell asleep and there were no foundation smudges on my pillow. The makeup felt so light on my face. I usually break out if I don't wash off my makeup religiously before I go to sleep but after that nap I had no breakouts. Dash makeup is the best makeup I have ever tried and I would recommend it to anyone, especially to people who are busy and don't have the time to do midday touch ups to their makeup. Dash makeup stays on so well that those touch-ups aren't necessary. Thanks again!"-Jennifer, Manhattan KS.

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